Life shouldn’t be a popularity contest nor a prison sentence

I want you to reflect on your position in society. How much of it is random, deterministic?

It is only random in terms of chances of conception. But you, the person you became randomly biologically, after conception is actually significantly determined by who your parents are, who they know, the country you will be born in, your family‚Äôs socio-economic status, the country’s laws and policies. We have free choice, but our opportunities are limited by whatever set of circumstances we are born into. Societal structure dictates how you will be treated and even your life expectancy. It’s scary to think that one random event, one you have no choice of the matter in, can determine the general direction your life will take. As decent human beings in good faith, we should strive to treat everyone as equally as possible. No matter how much we want to escape from being the same thing, a collective empathy is needed in how we treat each other. We should not take advantage of our positions in society, but strive to give everyone the same respect and treatment that all human beings deserve.

We need to find a system that works and integrates all of us. We can do it.

Ideally, would citizenship be abolished? Could countries offer the same services to it’s citizens while retaining seperate cultures?