The sobering realization needed for a global revolution

Did you know money in the financial world is no longer backed by the gold standard?

“Which means that paper money or online credit is all based on complete human faith. Isn’t that a staggering thought? That money, something we base so much value on, could completely be worthless one day if people stopped believing in the value of it.”

This is one of the key things we need to understand in order to create a global revolution a reality. This is the time where we have more powers to mobilize than ever before (twitter, internet in general). The conditions couldn’t be better.

We all need to reevaluate our current society and it’s position it is in, including what we are capable of technology-wise. The way our society is constructed makes no sense…especially if you consider how many people are truly happy.

So, imagine this.

1) realize and accept that we were all born without choice (since we don’t have choice, what affects our life most (parents, country you’re in, family;s socioeconomic status, etc) are all determined randomly

2) put ourselves in the situation of the worst possible person’s situation and realize this could be ourselves

3) understand that we need to have a social responsibility to help each other out and our primary aim is to equalize all of our rights as much as possible (assuming the point of life is to be happy).

One of the main goals is to become self-sufficient as possible, every citizen individually and Canada as a country too. Now imagine a system where you input everyone’s needs and you can get an output to achieve a way to create it efficiently and close as possible to the input. The things that will be common amongst everybody would be electricity, food, shelter, internet, education, public transportation, etc, etc. Basically you need to identify the needs that people require to be self-sufficient (ie, to have enough to live without working).

Now, figure out all of those jobs associated with the “necessities” of the population, consider these the “core” jobs. Core jobs are basically all the jobs it takes to maintain a high standard of living for everyone and absolutely requires them (doctors, construction workers, agriculture, etc). Then, nationalize everything and move towards a society that doesn’t value competition but collaboration.

So, now everything is structured so efficiently, right? The overall amount of hours needed to work are much lower. This obviously involves the implementation of sustainable technologies and a move towards a greener way of living. Society needs to shift its focus from short term profits to good investments that are in the best interest of the majority. Although I haven’t done the math, I would say we could probably meet the needs of everyone with around 2/3 of the amount of work that occurs now.

So, why are we working our asses off to gain more “money”, which has no real value? Why are we all stressing about life when we don’t need to and can live much more comfortably easier and stress free? This is a pretty good incentive in creating a global revolution/change of attitude/etc. Now, how do we get all of us to mobilize?


Life shouldn’t be a popularity contest nor a prison sentence

I want you to reflect on your position in society. How much of it is random, deterministic?

It is only random in terms of chances of conception. But you, the person you became randomly biologically, after conception is actually significantly determined by who your parents are, who they know, the country you will be born in, your family‚Äôs socio-economic status, the country’s laws and policies. We have free choice, but our opportunities are limited by whatever set of circumstances we are born into. Societal structure dictates how you will be treated and even your life expectancy. It’s scary to think that one random event, one you have no choice of the matter in, can determine the general direction your life will take. As decent human beings in good faith, we should strive to treat everyone as equally as possible. No matter how much we want to escape from being the same thing, a collective empathy is needed in how we treat each other. We should not take advantage of our positions in society, but strive to give everyone the same respect and treatment that all human beings deserve.

We need to find a system that works and integrates all of us. We can do it.

Ideally, would citizenship be abolished? Could countries offer the same services to it’s citizens while retaining seperate cultures?